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Chairman Dr. Robyn Bradley  
Vice Chairman: Dr. Liza Jacob  
Secretary: Dr. Gordon Thomas  
Treasurer / Newsletter Editor: Dr. Stephen Aseervatham  

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PO Box 3040, Valentine NSW 2280
Phone: 0418 403 213

Report from NSW FOV for the Australian Vellore Board AGM, Saturday 26th August, 2023

Firstly, my apologies for not being able to be present in person due to a previous commitment to assist family in Perth.

The year has not seen major events in Sydney on which to report.
We have been very grateful however for generous on going support from our donors, totalling $24,400 this year.

There was an alumni gathering held last October held by Binojan and Anusha Visvalingam with about 25 alumni and family members which was a very enjoyable reunion for many after about 5 years. This has led to plans for a wider gathering including FOV in the future which we look forward to very much.

The NSW executive has decided to allocate an annual scholarship grant in perpetuity of $5000 towards needy Allied Health students at CMC. This is set up in memory of Reg and Beth Walker to acknowledge their long contribution to FOV, especially the NSW branch, over at least a 60 year period.

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Stephen for his last 6 years of hard work and commitment as President of FOV, in addition to the great work he does as NSW treasurer. I feel extremely appreciative of his dedication in time, thought, wisdom and also his added financial expertise. Stephen’s establishing of relationships with people in CMC itself over this period have been very helpful in following the passage of donations, their delivery and achieving good outcomes.

Yours sincerely,
Robyn Bradley
NSW President