During 2023, we allocated more than $350,000 towards various designated projects. As you may be aware, the Indian Government established the FCRA ( Foreign Currency Regulatory Authority ) few years ago which made it mandatory that every dollar we transfer to CMC has to be towards a specific project and the finance department has been very meticulous about it.

The positive outcome of this rule is that now we are able to trace all our donations to the intended recipient. This was something we were keen to establish in the past.

Most of the projects mentioned below have been supported on a regular basis in the past years. We are delighted that there has been an increased interest in supporting the PTP project. This is the first year we have contributed to the Palliative Care Department. It is heartening that the student scholarship funds for Nursing and Allied health students received quite generous contributions this year.

The Hybrid Vascular Theatre is a new project, which has been promoted by the Australian FOV for quite a few years, but only recently given the approval by the administration. Hybrid theatres allow for not only routine surgical and medical interventions, but also combined catheter based interventions and open surgery under a single anaesthetic. We sincerely hope that it will be up and running soon at the Ranipet Campus.

Bridgehouse Project is to provide affordable accommodation for long stay patients undergoing treatment for cancer, kidney diseases etc. One acre of land has been allocated in the Ranipet campus for this purpose.

Travelling fellowships are offered to Medical and Paramedical faculty to travel abroad for further training for a short period of time (up to 6 weeks) in medical institutions. We support one senior medical and one junior allied health staff member to visit Australia every year.

We pay for wages of 11 Health workers at Jawadhi Hills. They are the grass root level workers on whom the entire health program depends.  They cover about 150 villages in a geographically difficult terrain making it possible for the people in the villages to access health care, referring sick patients and follow up those who have been admitted and discharged from CMC / CHAD. 

               Allocations during 2023 
Allied Health Student Scholarships$25,200
Nursing Student Scholarships$27,500
Travelling Fellowships$23,700
PTP – Person to Person$13,300
RUHSA – Rural Health Service$1,250
Jawadhi Hills$21,000
LCECU – Low Cost Care Unit$5,000
Ranipet – Trauma Care$7,500
Palliative Care$22,500
Distant Education$1,000
Mission Hospital Department$1,000
Emergency Fund – Development Office$8,000
Hybrid Vascular Lab$180,000
Bridgehouse Project $6,000
Alumni Health Fund$1,500
Ida Scudder Documentary Project$2,900