Dr. Ida Scudder – The Documentary

December 9th 2023, is our Founder’s Day, the 153rd birth anniversary of CMC’s founder Ida Sophia Scudder. Her unique story is an inspiration to generations of people in India and around the world. 

To honour her legacy, CMC is delighted to announce it is partnering with Shepherd Films to make a documentary on Dr. Ida Scudder and CMC Vellore. The film will be produced by Mr. Aneesh Daniel, best known for his award-winning film – The Least of These – the Graham Staines Story.

The Project team has been working intensely on pre-production. Filming will commenced in December 2023 and we hope to release the first episode of the film in early 2024.

The subsequent episodes will tell the story of Dr. Ida’s co-workers, pioneering leaders and highlight the contributions of CMC.

Today I warmly invite you join in this historic endeavour and support the making of this documentary.

You can donate via the Australian Vellore Board. All donations sent to ‘CMC Vellore Support Fund’ are tax deductible.

If you are interested in contributing towards this cause, kindly contact us.